Founder President

Name: Miah FEROZ
Mailing Address: C/o, Agrani Insurnce Co. Ltd, Shaiham Skyviewtower(14tH Floor),
Bijoynaggar, Dhaka – 1000. Bangladesh.
Permanent Address: Fatema Villa, Amtola, Bahir Tengra, Sarulia, Demra, Dhaka – 1361.
Educational Background:

1992 – 1998   Ph.D. Research in Political Science at Vrije Universiteit Brussels (Thesis not Defended).

Tile: A Modified modem for sustainable rural development in Bangladesh, BRAC as a case Study.

Key Points of Research: Poverty in developing countries:

Mechanism for poverty alleviation (participatory & Empowerment Approach). Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) as a case study.

Methodology:Analysis and development of theoretical economic models:

Field research in Bangladesh, within BRAC and the village involved with their programmers:

Participation at various international conference on sustainable village development in the USA, Mexico & other EU Countries

1991   Pre-Doctoral (M. Phil) degree in Political Science from Vrije Universiteit Brussels with Distinction. Major Courses followed: Political Structure of Developing Countries, History of foreign relations, Theories of and methods for comparative political analysis, Political Structure of the Socialist Countries.

1990   Master in Industrial Location & Development from Vrije Universitiet Brussels with Distinction. Major Courses Followed: General principles of Industrial location + case studies, General principles of industrial project evaluation + case studies, General principles of agricultural project evaluation + case studies, Computer application for industrial location, Development of computer simulation for project appraisal, Site Engineering, International contacts and on the thesis Growth of the cattage industries of Bangladesh. : Problems and Prospects.

1985 (held in 1988)  Master of Social Science from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh with second class. Major courses followed: Modern political thought, Social change and political development, Bangladesh politics, Research and exercises.

1984 (held in 1986)   Bachelor of Social Science with Honors from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh with second class.

Major courses followed: Modern political thought, Social change and political theory and organization, Major political system – UK, USA, USSR, and CHINA, International politics, Political development in Bangladesh, Minor courses followed: Economics and Sociology.

1981   Higher Secondary Certificate: from Dhaka College Dhaka, Bangladesh with second division.

1979   Secondary School Certificate: from West End High School, Dhaka, Bangladesh with second division.

Work experience & other activities:

1999 – Founder President & CEO, Sustainable Development for Vulnerable Peoples in Bangladesh.

Vill: West Sharulia, P.O.: Sharulia Bazar, P.S: Demra, Dist. Dhaka. Bangladesh.

Presently working as a Consultant (Marketing & Development Planning), AGRANI INSURANCE COMPANY LTD. SaihamSky view Tower (14th Floor), 45 Bijoy Nagar, 12, Dhaka-1000.

2005 to 2007: Country Representative: American University India, Dhaka, Bangladesh.



1992 – 1994 involved with the student Association of Bangladesh , Belgium, as a Vice-President & President.

1991 – 1998 Rick’s Café, Brussels, Student Job.

1988 – 1999 ELDERS IXL, AUSTRALIA, Dhaka Office, as an Asst. Manager, Sales & Distribution, Bannani, Dhaka.

1986 - 1999 Director, International Relations, Rotaract, Dhaka North.

Language: Bengali – Fluent

English – Obtained Diploma with Distinction at Senior level in English, from Brussels Chamber of Commerce & Vrije Universiteit Brussels. Little Spoken French, Hindi, Urdu, and Reading Arabic.

Conference’s participated & Member’s:

i. Society for International Development, (SID), Rome, Italy. 1994

ii. Third world Policy Research Institute, Wasington, D.C., USA.1993

iii. International Consortium for Sustainable Village-based Development, Colorado, USA. 1992

iv. eNGO, India,2015


i. Paper presented on Sustainable rural development for Bangladesh: BRAC as a Case Study, at the conference on Third world Policy Research Institute, Lasvagas, USA.

ii. Paper presented on The Co-ordination between Government and NGOs for our sustainable rural development at International Conference on Sustainable Village-based Development, Fort Collins, USA.

Computer Knowledge:

Windows-98, XP, 2000, Office – 2003, Hardware Engineering & Trable Shooting, Computer Assembling, Graphics, MS Publisher etc.

Country Visited:

North America, Western Europe, Thailand, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and India.


Worship on Innovation of Impact, Organized by Microsoft & World Bank office in Dhaka, 20-21 April, 2015.